So, I just wrote this blog the other day about why I do this. Friend, it was just as much for me as it was for you. I have felt very off lately. I know what I need to do. We all do, but I have been a certified trainer for over 8 years. Knowing and doing are not always the same, right?

That is rough to admit as a trainer. I hope that doesn't let you down, but I just have to be honest. I am so very human. None of my instructors or myself are perfect. We are real moms who are passionate about motherhood and life. I am usually totally on it, but this last 6 months I had filled my plate so full that I made taking care of myself a low priority. Stress and busyness took over....

I NEED to exercise and eat well to be the best version of me. I just know that about myself. It has little to do with my size and weight (although I tend to get a little softer in the middle) and everything to do with my mental health. I feel so great when I am...

Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your kids!.png

At business-y type of events people always talk about how important your "why" is. I love the thought behind it and think it is important to know the why behind anything we are doing. Otherwise we will lose heart when it gets tough. I have always said "to give women the strength for motherhood." That is totally true, but for me it goes so much deeper.

Growing up I was an athlete that was always running around. I was very fit, but couldn't even see it. I still remember my bestie and I doing crazy "Women's Day" magazine diets (cabbage soup or shakes, ugh) What on earth! Looking back I cannot believe my teenage self thought she needed to lose weight!

Fast forward to after my husband and I had our oldest daughter. She was about 6 months old when I just hit the wall. I knew I had to do something. I know many moms that love the infant phase, but girl, it was hard for me. I was so depressed. I was just keeping my head above water every day and it never occurred to me it might be postpartum depression. I just thought I...


One of my favorite people, Farel, has said in many trainings I have attended that sometimes it is just about lengthening the pause. When there is a trigger, event, situation there is always a pause, albeit sometimes very short, before our reaction. Some times it is just about lengthening that pause and doing nothing. Just be.....

Doing nothing is not easy, especially for us do-ers. Often when we just react and squeeze the pause so tight, we don't love the way we react.

  • We lose our temper with our kids.
  • Eat our weight in chocolate.
  • Snap at our husbands.
  • Say unkind words that we wish we could take back.

Just try it the rest of the week. Hit the pause button when there is a situation that you would normally react with something that does not serve you. We have talked about it at Body Back and it really does work. It gives you time to decide on your reaction or decide not to react at all.

This is a great thing to teach our kids too!


Ok mommas, I am convinced a lot of things that need to change in the world can be solved with you and I! I see moms with amazing power, passion and determination every. single. day. I often leave classes just in awe of the amazing village that we have.

Can we just agree to do something together? Last week a fellow instructor and friend posted this link on Facebook. I literally cried. I have two girls and I am hyper aware of the influences they have all around them, but seeing it all in one video broke my heart.

Your kids, my kids, our grand kids are not more or less valuable dependent on their bodies or looks and neither are you!

Our bodies are amazing! They allow us to move, jump, play, cuddle, feed, and for some our bodies allow us to become a mom. They are not our worth though.

I have, since the beginning of our little franchise here, made it a point to guard the conversations during our Stroller Strides classes because our children...


So, last week I announced I am doing a Body Back session myself! Ahhhh, so exciting/scary/exhilarating. I had an amazing first week. I felt so good- eating well, working out every day, tons of energy.....then Easter.

Jelly beans, gelato, and Reese's eggs.......

I did not feel very well after having them, and I KNOW that! I have done this healthy eating things for a long time. However, I have learned to move on. In my past I would have totally given up and gone all out off the Body Back meal guide. All or nothing was my motto, but I know that doesn't work. I have worked with so many women and I see it all the time. We are 100% in then one slip up and we go 100% the other way. "well, I blew it so I will just start again Monday/Next Month/Next Year...whatever." Sound familiar to anyone?

So what did I do next....I just got back at it! The goal is not perfection, but to make the "better" choice more often.

I started the next day with a workout that was NOT awesome because I felt gross, but I did it anyways. I felt better afterwards and it...

morning person.jpg

I have actually become more of a morning person since becoming a mom. When I started my journey towards health I quickly realized I needed to figure out when I would get it in. There were no Stroller Strides classes near me so I needed to find the time without my daughter. That became early in the morning. Once she was sleeping through the night (at a young age, don't hate me) I started waking up early to get it in. That way the craziness of motherhood wouldn't get in the way. I know it isn't always easy, but our days still go so much better when I get up before my girls.

Take the time to listen to this podcast by Michael Hyatt. It has some great tips!

image2 (1).jpg

Are you ready to get started in this new year with healthy eating and fitness and just stuck on where to start? Make it simple....just start!

I think we spend way too much time "preparing" to something rather than just doing it! Get active....what does that mean? For you it might mean doing a nightly walk, adding another class to your week, doing a video during nap time. Fuel your body....where to start? Drink more water and eat more veggies.

It doesn't have to be complicated, just start. You can always add more, but starting is the hardest part. The momentum will start a snowball effect.



I love the beginning of the year. New calendars to fill out, new goals to set and a blank slate of potential in front of me! I have several big goals for the year!

I am coming off of a rough end of the year though. I definitely did not work out or eat how I normally do. Years ago this would have put me in a panic. I would have been consumed with where I needed to get rather than enjoying where I am right now. I had a wonderful holiday season with my family and I am not about to let a little weight put a damper on that.

I have learned what works for me. My body responds and feels so good when I move consistently, challenge it regularly and fuel it well. I know what to do and I am going to get back to that.

I know many of you are probably feeling the same way. Please don't panic and start a crazy cleanse, shake diet or limit your calories dramatically. It doesn't work. Trust me. I have seen it over and over. Yes, you will lose weight, but then you will slingshot right back to where you are or worse off.

That is why I love...


Ahhh summer! The beginning of summer is so exciting! Play dates, lazy mornings, barbecues and tons of swimming. We have had a great time, but it is time to get back at it!

Anyone else have a lot of fun but let some goals slip? I have! I am not discouraged though. We can do this! Here are some great tips from Lisa about how to start our Mommy New Year out right! Read more...

I am getting an accountability group and really focusing on the gamechanger ones to get things going!

To help you get into that healthy routine get half off of your first month with any of our monthly memberships with our BACKTOSCHOOL2015 coupon code!


I am a first born, Type A, perfectionist personality.....I just am. I sometimes think I have it under control and then....

I have the most amazing team and my role in our team now is to support, uplift, and encourage them so that they feel successful just like they make each momma in their classes feel. I spent a bunch of time making a new newsletter for them so that they have everything they need to go out and love on all of you and offer that love to more moms. In my desire to get them this information on the 1st, because that is "right", I clicked the wrong button. During fielding questions about Halloween candy (no, you cannot have a piece at 9:00am!) and talking on the phone I accidently sent the email to everyone...not just the team.

Instantly I was sick to my stomach and panicked on my dear friend and teammate. I frantically tried to un-do my mistake, but I couldn't. It's not the end of the world I understand that rationally, but I crumbled.

You would have thought it was life altering! I was a mess. Crying and feeling just awful. I was talking...


How did you meet your husband?

I have been married to Jesse for 4 years! We met through friends 12 years ago and have been together ever since.

Mommy to?

I am a proud mommy to my 2 year old daughter Carmendy

How did you hear about Fit4Mom?

I found Fit4Mom when I was on an outing to Granada park when Carmendy was just 5 weeks old! I chased down one of the moms to find out what they were doing. I joined the following week and have been a proud member for 2 years and an instructor for 1 year!

Favorite part of Fit4Mom?

My favorite part of fit4mom is the friendships I have formed. I joined for the exercise element but never knew that I would get so many dear friends that I know will be in my life forever!

Something we might not know about you?

I am a type 1 diabetic and wear an insulin pump at all times. I was diagnosed in my early 20s and even though there is no cure for my type of diabetes, I use exercising as a tool to help with my disease! Thanks to fit4mom I am able to do that on a daily basis!


Take a moment to see why Metro Phoenix Fit4Mom is so incredibly proud of Amy!


What is your first reaction when you think of working out? For many people it is a subconscious reaction to groan, sigh, picture pain and dread it. I hope not, but unfortunately many of us have a connection between working out and "just getting it done."

We can do better!

Have you ever asked your kiddo to go run around at a park? What is there reaction? Typically an enthusiastic "YES!" When does that change?

At Fit4Mom we do want moms to challenge themselves, sweat, and stay in the uncomfortable space. We also want moms to find community, laugh, be silly and enjoy your hour with us. We hope that starts to change the mental connection you have to working out. You are more likely to continue being active if you enjoy it.

At Stroller Strides at Metro Phoenix Fit4Mom we also make a point of "fun for baby" being part of class. It isn't just because Elmo is cute that we had him come to class. I don't dress like a giant pumpkin just to make a fool of myself in public. My team and I want to keep our kids connecting working out with fun in hopes that...


We are going to feature a new mom each week on our blog to give you each a chance to get to know each other! This week it will be me, but don't worry you won't have to see me on here again :)

Name: Kristy Clay

Married to/how did you meet: Alex Clay for over 14 years. We are high school sweethearts.

Mommy to: Mackenzie (8) and Tatum (6)

How did you find Fit4Mom? I discovered Fit4Mom (then Stroller Strides


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