Ahhhh....A New Year

I love the beginning of the year. New calendars to fill out, new goals to set and a blank slate of potential in front of me! I have several big goals for the year!

I am coming off of a rough end of the year though. I definitely did not work out or eat how I normally do. Years ago this would have put me in a panic. I would have been consumed with where I needed to get rather than enjoying where I am right now. I had a wonderful holiday season with my family and I am not about to let a little weight put a damper on that.

I have learned what works for me. My body responds and feels so good when I move consistently, challenge it regularly and fuel it well. I know what to do and I am going to get back to that.

I know many of you are probably feeling the same way. Please don't panic and start a crazy cleanse, shake diet or limit your calories dramatically. It doesn't work. Trust me. I have seen it over and over. Yes, you will lose weight, but then you will slingshot right back to where you are or worse off.

That is why I love Body Back. We focus on real behavior change, whole foods and sustainable transformations. There are no tricks. Work hard, eat well, support each other and use the accountability. I have decided to do this next session of Body Back along with my mommas. I will be completing the food journals, challenges and workouts for 8 weeks. Maybe I will even post my before and after pictures here.....

Your body is an amazing gift. Please treat it so. Don't starve it as punishment. Fuel it so it can continue to take you where you want to go and care for those that depend on you. You have amazing potential for a new year. What are you going to do with it?

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