Can we just agree to STOP!?!

Ok mommas, I am convinced a lot of things that need to change in the world can be solved with you and I! I see moms with amazing power, passion and determination every. single. day. I often leave classes just in awe of the amazing village that we have.

Can we just agree to do something together? Last week a fellow instructor and friend posted this link on Facebook. I literally cried. I have two girls and I am hyper aware of the influences they have all around them, but seeing it all in one video broke my heart.

Your kids, my kids, our grand kids are not more or less valuable dependent on their bodies or looks and neither are you!

Our bodies are amazing! They allow us to move, jump, play, cuddle, feed, and for some our bodies allow us to become a mom. They are not our worth though.

I have, since the beginning of our little franchise here, made it a point to guard the conversations during our Stroller Strides classes because our children are there and listening!!!! We do not talk about working out in regards to "fixing" our bodies, they are not broken. We work out to take care of our amazing bodies because it allows us to do so many awesome things.

It takes all of us making an effort to counteract the marketing that is being thrown at them all day. Let's teach our children that we want to be healthy so we can fully participate in this amazing life, not stress about being a certain size or body type.

Can we agree to:

  • point out the strength, speed, or even joy of others rather than their appearances or size? That goes for yourself too! Please, please, please do not tear apart your appearance or others ever, but especially in front of your children. If we make a big deal about someone being skinny our kiddos hear skinny=good, beautiful, valuable.
  • be considerate of our words. "I GET TO work out" sounds much more appealing than "I HAVE TO work out". "I CAN'T have" shows a lack of power. "I CHOOSE to not have that because....." tells our kids that it is always a choice. We want our kids to feel empowered to make healthy choices.
  • be kind to yourself! Imagine if your inner dialogue became your kiddo's? How do you want them to speak about themselves? Just changing that one thing could honestly change everything!

What else? Let's have a conversation. How can we be conscious about raising the next generation to be world changers? You can't do that if you are always concerned about your looks...

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