It isn't about perfection

So, last week I announced I am doing a Body Back session myself! Ahhhh, so exciting/scary/exhilarating. I had an amazing first week. I felt so good- eating well, working out every day, tons of energy.....then Easter.

Jelly beans, gelato, and Reese's eggs.......

I did not feel very well after having them, and I KNOW that! I have done this healthy eating things for a long time. However, I have learned to move on. In my past I would have totally given up and gone all out off the Body Back meal guide. All or nothing was my motto, but I know that doesn't work. I have worked with so many women and I see it all the time. We are 100% in then one slip up and we go 100% the other way. "well, I blew it so I will just start again Monday/Next Month/Next Year...whatever." Sound familiar to anyone?

So what did I do next....I just got back at it! The goal is not perfection, but to make the "better" choice more often.

I started the next day with a workout that was NOT awesome because I felt gross, but I did it anyways. I felt better afterwards and it reminded me why I normally avoid processed junk, it does not fuel my body. I got back to drinking a ton of water, fresh foods-mostly veggies, and moved on.

Everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial....

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