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Thanks for spending the day with me. After story time for my older boy now I get to put my feet up with my other two guys and relax a little before bed. We will see how much sleep my little one lets me get. Hope you all have a wonderful night! #themotherhoodisreal #fit4momphx #fit4mom

We had so much fun with you today! Here is our final post before passing it over to the lovely @svoboda_liz 😁 I'm teaching Body Back tomorrow night at Tempe Marketplace. The nights before I teach, my husband and I complete the workout together! Goodnight everyone! 😴😘❤️ #fit4mom #fit4momphx #themotherhoodisreal #instructor #legsareburning

I really wanted to keep driving for just a couple more minutes of peace, but have to get dinner in the oven! Who can relate to the few minutes of peace while driving?!? #fit4mom #fit4momphx #themotherhoodisreal #justkeepdriving

Our Internet went out! Had to run to my parents' house to take a conference call 🙄😝 I do some contract work in Project Management and Instructional Design. I don't have enough going on 😁 #fit4mom #fit4momphx #themotherhoodisreal


#FIT4BABY is a prenatal fitness program that teaches women how to exercise safely and effectively throughout their pregnancy. The hour long fit4baby class is interval based, combining elements of strength training , cardiovascular exercises, and stretching and balancing exercises. Leave your Little’s at home and join us tomorrow for an hour long class just for you. First class is free!! 5:30pm @ Tempe Marketplace

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