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Here we go........

9 weeks ago we brought home our 2 precious sons from Haiti. I went straight from summer time trying to entertain kiddos/running a biz to a mom of 4! Eeeek. Everything is going really well for the most part. Really, the kids are all so resilient. They amaze me!

I am the one having a hard time honestly. I am having a little crisis of identity again. I say again, because I remember feeling this way after I had my first baby, Mackenzie (now nearly 12.....wth?!?). On a run the other day it hit me, I feel the same way I did postpartum with Mackenzie. The hardest part for me was/is who am I now in this role. I went from spending my days running a successful business I am passionate about, working out and planning healthy meals, back to discussing snacks and begging a 3 yr old to "just put on the dang shoes!" I am ready to thrive as a mom of 4. I just need the space to refill my cup. I KNOW my staff is excellent at this!

The way out for me before was to start taking care of myself. Self-care started a whole new journey that helped me find who I am as a mother. That lead me to the career I have now too.

As a trainer and fitness business owner, it is hard to admit that you are not currently walking the talk. I, honestly, just made our first healthy, whole-foods dinner last night. It took me 9 weeks to manage menu planning, grocery shopping and actually cooking. To say I need a kick in the butt to get back at it is an understatement.

What does this look like for me? I am jumping into our next session of Body Back starting a client! Never done it before. I am waiting to teach until January so this is the best time!

I need 2 hours that I am focused just on taking care of myself so I can better take care of everyone else! As a busy mom of 4 with sports, homework, and a hubby that leaves early for work I cannot commit to one session/class each week. I am going to pay one of my instructors to be my Body Back instructor and I am committing to making 2 Body Back classes each week. Some might be early am, evenings, or a Saturday class. I am also going to sign up for a race to train for. Running keeps me happy and helps me be a better mom, wife, boss, human being.

How about you? Do you want to join me? We can be part of the same online support group and make the classes fit our schedule. I am pumped to make it to the holidays making healthy changes. I ain't waitin' until January!

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