Lengthen the pause

One of my favorite people, Farel, has said in many trainings I have attended that sometimes it is just about lengthening the pause. When there is a trigger, event, situation there is always a pause, albeit sometimes very short, before our reaction. Some times it is just about lengthening that pause and doing nothing. Just be.....

Doing nothing is not easy, especially for us do-ers. Often when we just react and squeeze the pause so tight, we don't love the way we react.

  • We lose our temper with our kids.
  • Eat our weight in chocolate.
  • Snap at our husbands.
  • Say unkind words that we wish we could take back.

Just try it the rest of the week. Hit the pause button when there is a situation that you would normally react with something that does not serve you. We have talked about it at Body Back and it really does work. It gives you time to decide on your reaction or decide not to react at all.

This is a great thing to teach our kids too!

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