Let's change it....

What is your first reaction when you think of working out? For many people it is a subconscious reaction to groan, sigh, picture pain and dread it. I hope not, but unfortunately many of us have a connection between working out and "just getting it done."

We can do better!

Have you ever asked your kiddo to go run around at a park? What is there reaction? Typically an enthusiastic "YES!" When does that change?

At Fit4Mom we do want moms to challenge themselves, sweat, and stay in the uncomfortable space. We also want moms to find community, laugh, be silly and enjoy your hour with us. We hope that starts to change the mental connection you have to working out. You are more likely to continue being active if you enjoy it.

At Stroller Strides at Metro Phoenix Fit4Mom we also make a point of "fun for baby" being part of class. It isn't just because Elmo is cute that we had him come to class. I don't dress like a giant pumpkin just to make a fool of myself in public. My team and I want to keep our kids connecting working out with fun in hopes that they will be active for life! We want to have our kids see us enjoying ourselves and feeling proud! We want to help our kids continue to "want" to work out instead of changing to "have to".

My exclamation button is tired so I will step off my soap box now. Just know that I am on a mission for both our mommas and kiddos to live wonderfully active and healthy lives because I truly love and care about you.

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