I am a first born, Type A, perfectionist personality.....I just am. I sometimes think I have it under control and then....

I have the most amazing team and my role in our team now is to support, uplift, and encourage them so that they feel successful just like they make each momma in their classes feel. I spent a bunch of time making a new newsletter for them so that they have everything they need to go out and love on all of you and offer that love to more moms. In my desire to get them this information on the 1st, because that is "right", I clicked the wrong button. During fielding questions about Halloween candy (no, you cannot have a piece at 9:00am!) and talking on the phone I accidently sent the email to everyone...not just the team.

Instantly I was sick to my stomach and panicked on my dear friend and teammate. I frantically tried to un-do my mistake, but I couldn't. It's not the end of the world I understand that rationally, but I crumbled.

You would have thought it was life altering! I was a mess. Crying and feeling just awful. I was talking to my amazingly supportive husband, telling him about my colossal mistake (dramatic much?) when my oldest walked in and saw me a mess.

She has the most caring heart so I could tell right away she was concern. In that moment it hit me like a brick wall...she is cut from the same first born, Type A, perfectionist cloth as her momma. I am constantly telling her that if something doesn't kill her it teaches her and here I am throwing a temper tantrum about a mistake. I tell her to step out bravely even if she might mess up, but then I act like this?

That got me thinking about you all. I try to pour into you that you need to give yourself grace as mothers. It is a hard job and you will not get it right all of the time. I never considered that I may walk the walk in fitness that I preach to you, but not this.

I got on the treadmill, tears and all, and ran. That is what clears my head and gives me a mental do-over. Now I am off the explain to my daughter that while messing up is hard to accept, there is plenty of grace to cover it. If only email systems had erasers....

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