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In terms of my wellness – including my physical fitness, my emotional fitness, and my sense of community – Sarah Fein’s Boost classes have been a truly transformational experience. I know – in part because Sarah celebrates and recognizes it regularly – that I have done and continue to do hard work. My work is certainly necessary to achieve physical fitness, but it is not sufficient to achieve physical, emotional, and community transformations. Sarah Fein and the Boost community have turned my work into something bigger than it ever would have been alone. Thank you, Sarah, and thank you, Boost!


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I lost 15lbs!! that’s the first thing I have to say when I tell women about the amazing body back program offered by fit4mom. the second thing I tell women is that the program is not only focused on working out, and diet, but it is focused on the mind/body component to what may the true issue for being over weight. I’m convinced Body Back was the key in getting my body back! BB gave me time to do a Hard workout without my son, the knowledge and importance of food journaling, accountability for my diet and exercise, and most importantly self empowerment form an incredible teacher and motivator, Kristy. It really is worth it!


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I am a former D1 athlete and was hesitant to join a "mom" workout group. I thought it would be a pushover workout. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited with a friend just five weeks after having my daughter. I was sweating before we were done with the warm up. By the end of the work I felt so good to get moving again and felt the burn the next day. I have been put through some crazy workouts through athletics and can say that I was impressed with the instructors and the variety and creativity of their workouts. I would definitely recommend Fit4Mom for women looking to get back in shape, network with other mothers and simply make new friends!


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She has assembled a wonderful group of instructors and trained them well. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. Kristy has choosen great locations for classes and has people in place to plan plan play dates post class. She has truly done something amazing for local moms. I would have been lost without her great classes!


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We have the best franchise! I've been a part of Fit4mom for almost 2 years now! I've made the best friends and mentors. I've have 2 babies and have lost almost 35 lbs between Stroller Strides and Body Back! I feel great and don't know what I would do without my Village! I'm about to sign up for my first sprint triathlon... Something I wouldn't even consider with out the support of my fit4mom family. We take turns training for the race and watching each other's kiddos! It's such an amazing and motivational dynamic!! Anyway, we have the best moms out of any other franchise and we are all held together by the glue of Kristy who keeps all of it running like a well oiled machine.


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Becoming a mom to my 2 beautiful daughters is the most important thing I have ever done in my entire life. Being a mom is a big deal and it changed my lifestyle, it changed who I was and the things I had given up to be a mom. Unfortunately the first thing I gave up was my body. I remember looking in the mirror and telling myself I had to start somewhere and it was time for a change that would last. Body Back was the answer to my prayer. During the 9 week program I lost 10 pounds, gained strength all over and I felt powerful! For the first time in 4 years I had the energy needed to tackle each day and I became a positive & healthy role model for my 2 girls. Not only did I get my body back but I got myself back. Body Back not only changed my life in a positive way but it changed my family’s life. We are now a healthy, active and happier family. It feels amazing to be a fit mom!


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